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Accelerate your ambition: 7 ways to spark career growth

Your career is a journey, not just a job. Taking ownership of your career development and actively seeking out opportunities for advancement can not only spark career growth, but also increase your enthusiasm for your work. Read our seven tips to accelerating your work ambitions!

The 6 most in-demand tech skills are also the hardest to find

With technology advancing faster than ever before, tech skills are always in demand. These are the top six right now: Core engineering, Cloud API, database expertise, data analytics, communications, and Devops methodology

How to estimate a project as a Software Developer

Andela Community member Vinod Pal shares his expertise on how software developers can accurately estimate their projects - to successfully deliver their work and beat the deadline!

Get started with GenAI in 4 steps

Are you looking to leverage artificial intelligence in business? To make getting started with AI less intimidating, we have a four step process to help get your GenAI project off the ground.

Welcome aboard the new normal: 5 useful steps to an effective remote onboarding process

In this latest Writer's Room blog, Andela Community member Wasif Khan explores how organizations can embrace distributed work by providing new remote employees with new and improved onboarding processes.

DevOps: Automation worth more than a million!

In this Writer’s Room blog, Andela Community member Shreeharsha G N discusses his experience in DevOps and explains how he developed a Jenkins framework to streamline processes and improve his client’s automation.

Embracing the power of cloud and managed services: Your journey to success

In today's market, organizations need to embrace digital transformation - and the emerging technologies required - to stay competitive. Andela Community member Vineet Parolia explore show organizations can embrace including cloud and managed services to digitally transform and thrive.

How to NOT overfit in Deep Learning

In this Writer's Room blog, Abolo Samuel Isaac explores what overfitting means in neural networks, and how you can fix issues of overfitting when it happens in your deep learning models.

How to onboard a new developer: stages and best practices

Foolproof your onboarding process for remote software developers! Understand what goes into each stage so you can apply the best practices for success.

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