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Why organizations need to be data-driven

At Andela, we're inspired by the thought leadership present within our talent network, and wider community, and it's our mission to share these brilliant minds with the world. We invite Andela Community members to regularly showcase their knowledge and expertise in our Writer's Room blog series.

Scaling culture: How we built the best place to work in Africa

Andela's mission is to connect brilliant talent with exceptional opportunities. We sat down with Taiwo Judah-Ajayi, the Senior Director of People at Andela, to learn about how she scaled teams in Africa, what makes it work, the biggest challenges she faced, and lessons learned.

How AI is solving the biggest design challenge

Explore insights and trends in software development on Andela's blog. This article explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can simplify design research.

Embracing change: a personal journey of career transition

Change – particularly when it comes to your career – can seem daunting. Danilo Barion Nogueira shares his experience of leaving the world of nutrition behind to become a Senior Software Engineer.

All Things Managed Services with Andela's Sung Ahn

A deep dive interview into all things managed services with Andela's Director of Managed Services, Sung Ahn.

Africa Developer Survey: The next frontier for global skills

Explore insights and trends in software development on Andela's blog. In this article, we talk about the new epicenter of tech innovation and talent: Africa.

Latin America: The new epicenter of tech innovation

Explore insights and trends in software development on Andela's blog. Discover how Latin America is becoming a new center for tech innovation.

The future of Android UI development

Andela's president Christina Sass announces her transition to Chair of the Andela Advisory Council. Read her statement on building a better future in tech.

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