What is
Adaptive Hiring?

Adaptive Hiring brings agile principles to technical hiring. This new approach makes it possible to secure quality talent with the right skills at the right time — for any business objective or project. It’s a flexible, scalable, and borderless model for building tech teams that prioritizes ability over geographical location, offering unprecedented agility for technical leaders.

Simply put, important work isn't getting done 

Organizations need an innovation partner that offers cost-effective access to a global pool of skilled professionals. The ideal partner must possess the agility to scale teams, drive innovation, and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.

Skill Gaps

Teams lack highly skilled experts for high-impact product initiatives.

Limited Capacity

Important initiatives move to the back-burner because of resourcing.

High FTE Costs

Costs associated with FTE are high: recruiting, benefits, equity, PTO, etc.

Long Hiring Periods

It can take months to identify, hire, and onboard new team members. 

Slow Deployment

Failure to meet demand for growth, new product, and market expansion.

High Turnover

Attrition negatively impacts productivity and business delivery.

Common use cases for Adaptive Hiring

Application Development

  • Scale development with qualified talent, on demand
  • Reduce complexity and enhance user experience
  • Get your critical projects done faster

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Increase GenAI adoption through intelligent business process automation
  • Tackle tough AI and data challenges with top tech talent
  • Leverage AI experts trained in the latest technology and tools

Data Engineering and Analytics

  • Generate actionable insights for your most important metrics
  • Accelerate data projects with qualified on demand talent
  • Automate data workflows to free up valuable time and resources

Cloud and DevOps

  • Speed up project delivery with cloud experts on demand
  • Ensure smooth migration of  existing data and applications
  • Define a cloud strategy and know your migration readiness

Adaptive Hiring is a new way to get work done

Time-Based Hires

Complete urgent projects or persistent backlog. Hire talent for discrete periods of time or key project sprints.

Specialized Skills

Find specific or hard-to-hire skills. Create a virtual bench of talent you can onboard at anytime.

People in Seat Faster

Remove barriers to identifying, vetting, and onboarding talent. Get them in seat faster with streamlined hiring.

Scale Up or Down Quickly

Meet unexpected demands easily. Change as quickly as your priorities do, by hiring up or down as needed.

How Adaptive Hiring works: Bringing agile principles to tech hiring

Identify deprioritized projects due to gaps on your teams

Updating systems, modernizing legacy code, and refreshing outdated employee-facing apps can turn into enterprise backlog — and a loss of productivity. Andela provides talent and teams so your top developers can focus on new business while we take care of backlog behind the scenes.

Determine what skills you need and for how long

When critical and fast-moving technology initiatives require more talent than you have on board, Andela can help identify the skills gaps and timelines. Then, we’ll provide the technologists you need, for however long you need them.

Match needs to talent skill sets, costs, and duration

Every technology project — no matter how fast it’s running or how bogged down it may be — can be scoped. And our experts can help you make sure all your projects are budgeted, staffed, and timed for the most optimal outcomes.

Adjust easily, as your priorities change

Rapidly changing business requires an agile approach to staffing. This variable cost model allows you to change as quickly as your priorities do. Andela talent is available on demand, so you can fill critical skill or capacity gaps and then dial down resource allocations as the workload softens.

Why you need a new kind of partner to deliver Adaptive Hiring

Traditional Hiring

Adaptive Hiring



Limits hiring pool and diversity
of ideas


Larger hiring pool and
more diversity

Hiring Time


Lack of global network and matching tech


Global network & tech
powers fast hiring



Show onboarding periods
for new talent


Talent onboards in days,
not months



MSA limits ability to scale up
and down


Scale up & down with
business demands



Highly-skilled talent turnover
up by 30%


Talent retention is 25% higher

Andela makes Adaptive Hiring easier

Quality, global talent

Unlock a vast pool of untapped global talent, with 60% from emerging tech hubs in Africa and LATAM. Our borderless marketplace spans 135 countries, connecting you with the right skills to drive innovation, regardless of location.

Cost optimization

Pay only for the skills you need, when you need them, and benefit from $80,000 in cost savings for every Andela hire. Our flexible terms and agile deployment model enable you to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Agile deployment​

Accelerate your innovation initiatives and reduce backlog by onboarding fully certified, ready-to-go talent in a matter of days. Our agile, responsive approach quickly scales the talent supporting projects, and the quality of work they bring helps accelerate project timelines by 33%.

Rapid scalability​

Effortlessly scale your team up or down to navigate changing priorities. Our flexible model enables you to adapt to uncertainty with ease, ensuring you have the right resources in place to respond nimbly to business circumstances.

Adaptive Hiring with Andela gives optimal outcomes

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Andela, based on aggregation of four customer interviews, 30 surveys, and three-year risk adjusted present value

Calculate ROI

Hiring Efficiency



Saved per hire

Project Productivity


Faster completion time

Talent Compliance Risk


Avoided compliance infraction costs


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