Pay Anyone,
(Almost) Anywhere

Make hiring and paying global talent easy. Andela Pay AOR enables you 
to seamlessly pay and manage global contractors in more than 100 countries. It includes compliance, contract management, identity verification (IDV), know-your-customer (KYC), and time tracking.

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Pay global contractors without setting up local entities

Make global payouts easy

Use Andela Pay for payouts, compliance, and tax reporting in more than 100 countries. It’s completely turnkey, reducing the cost and
staff required to manage different systems and labor laws.

Make global payouts flexible

Centralize your payouts. Instead of bouncing from app to app,
technologists can choose their payout method, view invoices and
tax documents, and manage contracts. They can even update their time off calendar all in one place.

Make global payouts more reliable

Payouts are scheduled, streamlined, and secure, with reduced risk of misclassification. Technologists in more than 100 countries choose how they want to be paid.

Stay in full compliance, worldwide

Andela Pay maintains the financial requirements in more than 100 countries. That means you don’t have to think about it. Technologists are paid according to the local laws and regulations. Tax documentation stays complete and up to date.

Avoid foreign exchange risk

Centralized payouts provide economies of scale, including lowering exchange, transaction, and operational costs. USD payouts enable you to maintain stable value and exchange rates when paying a global workforce.

Andela PAY

Make payouts the easiest part of your job

It's Easy and Cost Effective

Technologists get paid through funds placed in a USD wallet partner of their choice. They can withdraw payouts in local currency and at competitive rates.

Pay and Invoice in USD

Get invoiced in U.S. dollars and avoid exposure to foreign exchange risk. USD is the preferred currency of technologists around the globe.

Seamlessly Track Time

Andela Pay provides timesheets to accurately track days worked and manage time-off requests.


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