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Get access to cloud experts that help you reach your goals. Whether it’s cloud assessment and migration or DevOps, site reliability, and resiliency, Andela can help navigate your cloud journey.

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Amplify business transformation with cloud computing

Close skill gaps and ditch budget black holes. Get proven — and immediate — expertise to tackle your cloud projects. Andela helps you burn down backlog and accelerate innovation.

Speed up project delivery with cloud experts on demand

Leading companies like Banque Misr and Goldman Sachs achieved faster, more secure, and cost-effective cloud migrations with Andela technologists.

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Ensure smooth migration of existing data and applications

Andela provided Circana a scalable agile team to leverage Google Cloud and ETL performance analysis to create its market-leading media measurement solution.

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Define a cloud strategy and know your migration readiness

Andela helped BBC migrate, merge, and automate millions of images to the cloud, reducing time and cost for their internal teams.

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Get matched with experts in cloud
frameworks and methodologies

Strategy and readiness

Define a cloud strategy and know the readiness for migration of your digital assets and data

Platform assessment

Reduce operating costs with clear visibility and control of your cloud services consumption

Migration assessment

Understand how your IT infrastructure will operate in the cloud with effective planning

Application and data migration

Carefully plan and execute your cloud migration, tailored to your business goals

Cloud security

Comply with industry regulations, ensuring data privacy and integrity in the cloud

Here’s why industry leaders rely on Andela talent

Pluto TV improved reliability, scalability and performance

“[Andela talent] have been leading DevOps, solving very complex infrastructure problems while dealing with the pressure with grace and kindness. They are big enablers in terms of infrastructure for Pluto TV and the MAM.”

Allison Martin
Engineering Manager, PlutoTV builds a high performing team of contractors and FTE

"I'm a huge believer in small high-performing teams of top engineering talent. We don't have a sense of employees and contractors, of people working from different geographies. We have a sense of one team working together to build a product."

Ed Donner
Cofounder and CTO,

GitHub quickly activates scalable global teams to improve their customer experience

“When we needed help with our expert services delivery, our certifications, and our partner enablement, we worked with Andela to get the people in place. Being able to have the right resource, in the right region, at the right time, has been transformational for us.”

Mark Schaefer
Senior Director, Worldwide Parters, Github
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Insights for business leaders embarking on a cloud journey

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, cloud migration has become a critical initiative for organizations seeking scalability, cost efficiency, and agility. However, navigating the complexities of cloud migration requires strategic planning and a skilled workforce.

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