why andela?

We Connect Brilliance
with Opportunity So Everyone Wins

Competition for top digital talent is more fierce than ever. But you don’t have to limit your search by geographic location. With our vast global marketplace of skilled technologists and proprietary, AI-driven matching technology, we help you hire the world's best ... as much as 66% faster.

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Hire unparalleled talent from untapped markets


Hire top digital talent efficiently

The Andela private talent marketplace includes 150K skilled, experienced technologists in more than 135 countries, including emerging regions like Africa and Latin America.

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Accelerate speed to hire

Reduce time to hire by 66% or more. AI matching algorithms help find the best talent fast.

Reduce cost per hire

See $80,000 in cost savings per talent hired through Andela.

Create more agility

A variable cost model offers more flexibility to shift resources as demands change.

Get projects done faster

Andela helps you accelerate project delivery by up to 33%.


Quality talent is everywhere. We help you find them.

Hiring locally is competitive, costly, and time consuming. Established overseas hiring markets have persistent issues with quality and turnover. So Andela has cultivated 150K technologists, many in countries overlooked by hiring and sourcing managers.

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Top skills don’t require top dollar

Get quality talent for lower costs.

Find a wealth of talent

More than 150K top technologists across the globe.

Gain greater flexibility

Scale up or down to meet project demands and optimize costs.

Talent you can depend on

Andela clients report an average engagement of 18+ months.


Use the world’s top rated developer assessment tool

Andela Qualify offers comprehensive coding challenges based on real-world simulations. Evidence-based insights help you hire with confidence.

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Make evidence-based assessments

Andela Qualify is a fully integrated, AI-driven tool that assesses fit across critical metrics.

Get data-driven insight

Verify talent qualifications and replay live coding sessions.

Create custom coding challenges

Pick from 500+ pre-built challenges — or set up your own.

Ensure code integrity

Compare submitted code to existing code in the system and generate a similarity score to detect plagiarism.

Breaking down barriers to change the way the world works

Top-rated, highly skilled talent pool
Countries from diverse regions
Client satisfaction in overall value
Client satisfaction with talent quality

Engage the talent you need, however you need them


Fill out teams or get individual contributors — all with the specific skills you need

Andela technologists can drive your most pressing projects.
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They’re certified

Everyone on the Andela talent roster has been fully tested and carefully screened to verify their skills and experience.

They’re experts

You can count on Andela talent to bring broad technical expertise and deep experience.

They’re fluent in English

English fluency is a prerequisite. And many are multilingual.

They’re committed

Andela talent average time with clients is 18 months or more.

Clear backlog and drive new initiatives


Andela can form a team on your behalf and take full accountability for project completion

You provide project requirements and we’ll assemble a functional team and project managers in days.
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Depend on full accountability
Once your project is on our docket, you can be sure about meeting every milestone.
Count on world-class skill
Andela talent is the best of the best.
Get the best project managers
It all happens on time and on budget. We make sure of it.
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Complete your most pressing projects with delivery as much as 33% faster.

AI-powered technology
ensures success

Here's our proof

Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and found Andela delivers 97% ROI, $80K in cost savings per talent hired, 33% faster project delivery, 66% faster time to hire, and we’re just getting started.

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Leave the groundwork to us

We provide premium customer and talent support services so you can focus on optimizing the success of each and every project.

Talent Success

Manage project kickoff, onboarding, payment, and talent administration.

Training and Upskilling

Andela Learning Community offers numerous skills development programs.

Customer Success

Your customer success partner is your primary point of contact.

Extensive Resources

Hiring in untapped markets requires experience. You can leverage ours.

Flexible Engagement Models

Bring talent on board for as long or little
as you require.

Strategic Support Services

Get the help you need with every conceivable engagement activity.


Build the tech team of the future with Andela


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