We Don't Just Find The Best Talent — We Cultivate It

Andela technologists have access to numerous programs that encourage, motivate, train, and advance their skills and careers. Because when talent grows, everyone wins.

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Take advantage of a process dedicated to excellent outcomes

Andela develops and supports skilled digital talent.

by Andela

Real-world work simulations assess coding experience, on-the-job performance, and more.

Talent Decision Engine™

AI and data-driven algorithms pair the ideal talent to your specific requirements.

Andela Community

Andela talent have free access to dozens of technical development programs.


Dedicated customer and talent success experts ensure best practices and superior outcomes.

Andela talent is recognized and proven by global industry leaders

Technical proficiency is only the first step for Andela talent

There has never been a more thorough, accurate, and transparent model for assessing talent. Rigorous evaluation and investment in our people helps ensure the best outcomes.

Qualified by Andela creates a foundation for excellence

It’s the only performance based assessment that uses more than 500 coding challenges and real-world work simulations to give you deep insight into technical skills.

English Fluency

Talent demonstrates their English language skills in the first stage of the assessment.

1:1 Interviews

Technically experienced interviewers ensure talent can articulate their problem solving process.

Verified Identity

Everyone in the Andela talent marketplace is thoroughly vetted to ensure their identity.

We reached development milestones 6-to-9 months quicker thanks to Andela engineers ...”

Ed Donner
Co-Founder & CTO

What sets Andela apart is the diversity and the quality of the skill sets.”

Wendy Frazier
Chief Technology Officer

Andela talent really did come vetted. They deliver the skills that we were looking for with way less friction.”

Kathy Rudy
Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Providing unmatched career support

We are committed to growth and upskilling of our technical talent, including developing the next generation of technologists. So we have made long-term investments in upskilling and reskilling partnerships and programs.


We help talent upskill in advanced technologies so they can land their ideal role.


Exclusive opportunities to gain insights from leaders at top global companies.


Peer-to-peer support and guidance from Andela experts and community members.


Access health insurance, MBA programs, EdTech opportunities and more from our trusted partners.


Medical, dental, and vision insurance, global wellness initiatives, counseling.


We connect technologists at quarterly, in-person events in their region.

Cutting edge programs to develop cutting edge skills

These are just some of the extensive upskilling and development programs available to Andela talent.


More than four million coders take on gamified challenges to foster continuous growth and improvement.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS)

Google and Andela partnered to provide training content and hands-on learning experiences in Android Development, GCP, and more.

Andela Technical Leadership Program

An exclusive nine-month training program helps Rwandan technologists kick-start their careers and become world-class engineers.

Andela Skills Series

Self-directed courses in AI/machine learning, data science, engineering, and prompt engineering.

Meta React 

Learning Program

A seven-week course cultivates knowledge and skills in React.


RAPIDS skills, competencies, and certifications in GPU-compute space.

Hear from our talent community

Discover how talent have made use of — and benefited from — the extensive opportunities available to them.

Femi O.

Software Engineer

Luis R.

Project Manager

Mahmoud T.

Software Engineer

Samantha C.

Software Engineer


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