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At Andela, we work tirelessly to match your skills and expertise to your ideal role while providing access to training that will help you grow professionally. Accelerate your ambition with an AI-powered platform, a community of experts, and exclusive opportunities.
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Andela is more than just a marketplace

We work with you to match your expertise and skills to exciting opportunities at trusted companies. Throughout your Andela journey, we’ll support you with the right mix of people, technology, and training.


You’ll receive support from our expert, in-house teams to match you to your ideal role and provide career guidance.


Access Andela Talent Cloud to apply for roles, get verified in your chosen skills, and connect with a global community.


Stay engaged and advance your career with cutting edge upskilling opportunities from our partners.

Receive expert support at every stage of your journey

Talent Matchers

Connecting you to exciting global roles

Our talent matchers find the right opportunities for you, matching your skills and experience to jobs you'll love at companies you'll trust.


Talent success

Receive dedicated support throughout your engagement

Talent success partners support you throughout your engagement. They will be your point of contact at Andela for any questions and guidance, to help ensure your success.


client partner

Creating opportunities with top global companies

Client Partners bring new opportunities to the network. They nurture relationships with leading global companies to create exciting roles that match your expertise and skills.


technical delivery

Ensuring a trustworthy engagement

The Technical Delivery Team helps you grow throughout your engagement. They are your advocate, enabling your career growth, resolving any issues you may face, and ensuring a seamless experience.


Elevate your career with our AI-driven platform

Create your profile

Your profile is created based on your resume. Updating your profile is particularly important for the skills section and your location, as these form the basis of our Matching practice.

Apply for roles

You can access and apply for all available global job opportunities at Andela that match your expertise and skillset.

Connect with human support

Receive online, live chat, or email support from our dedicated teams when you need it.

Explore the talent community

Connect with like-minded peers worldwide to network, receive support, and share knowledge. Plus, discover programs and initiatives to help develop your skills.

Manage pay and perks

Manage your payments in the currency of your choosing, and access exclusive perks including premium health insurance, wellness tools and MBA programs.

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"If you meet anybody who has ever been part of Andela, they go on to become world class developers."
Mahmoud T.
Software Engineer

Invest in your career growth

The technology industry is evolving faster than ever, so Andela provides the support and resources you need to stay one step ahead.

Thrive with Andela

Access carefully curated programs designed to help you network, develop your skills and improve your quality of life. From mentorship to events and training opportunities, you’ll have the chance to meet like-minded peers, problem-solve, and collaborate with global tech experts.


We’ll help you upskill in advanced technologies so you can land your ideal role.


Gain insights from leaders who will take you behind the scenes at their top global companies.


Receive peer-to-peer support and guidance from Andela experts and community members, 24/7.


Access health insurance, MBA programs, EdTech opportunities and more from our trusted partners.


Join wellness sessions, including virtual meditation, yoga, and community health initiatives.


Connect with like-minded technologists at quarterly, in-person events in your region.

Upskill in cutting edge technologies to accelerate your career

We curate in-house programs and partner with market leaders to provide exclusive learning experiences to unlock your full potential.


Powered by Andela, Codewars helps you upskill in programming languages, compete in online challenges and achieve coding mastery.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS)

Google and Andela partnered to provide training content and hands-on learning experiences in Android Development, GCP and more.

Andela Technical Leadership Program (ATLP)

An exclusive nine-month training program helps Rwandan technologists kick-start their careers and become world-class engineers.

Andela AI/ML Upskilling Program

In partnership with Nvidia’s Deep Learning Institute, you can upskill in AI/ML, Data Science and Engineering, and Prompt Engineering.

Meta React 

Learning Program

A seven-week course cultivates knowledge and skills in React.



A three-month intensive program designed to equip you with RAPIDS skills, competencies, and certifications in GPU compute.

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