Smarter hiring, significant ROI

See the value of global expertise. Building the business case for global talent starts with quantifying its impact. Estimate the value Andela can bring to your company’s bottom line, based on the 2024 commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study.

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Faster time to hire


Cost savings per talent hired through Andela


Faster project delivery

Global talent acquired 66% faster and at 40% less cost

Drive significant revenue growth 

Leveraging Andela talent enables faster project completion and higher quality outcomes, leading to increased revenue.

Achieve unmatched efficiency 

Streamline your hiring process and project timelines with top-tier talent.  

Enhance customer satisfaction 

Deliver superior results and faster service to exceed customer expectations.  

Andela provides optimal cost savings, time savings, and overall ROI

Commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Andela conducted by Forrester in 2024. Based on aggregation of four customer interviews, 30 surveys, and three-year risk adjusted present value.

Hiring Efficiency

106 hours

Saved per hire

Project Productivity


Faster completion time

Talent Compliance Risk


Avoided compliance infraction costs

Here’s why interviewed customers rely on Andela talent

Diversified global talent

"Andela has exposed us to talent we wouldn't have access to. It makes a big difference as you build teams when you look at the quality, drive, and passion of workers operating out of different countries and regions."

Chief Technology Officer
Information Technology Company

Cost-effective scaling

“Being able to get some cost leverage where we need it was important...We communicate our needs and they respond with 'Here's what we can do.'" 

VP, Worldwide Partner
Software Company

Trusted partnership

"The reason we work with Andela is the agility it gives us. We’re able to onboard somebody faster with the right skill set, they’re able to ramp up quickly and swiftly deliver results to get us over the finish line."

VP, Worldwide Partner
Software Company

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