Your AI-Powered Platform for Global Tech Hiring

Source, qualify, hire, manage, and pay talent globally with Andela Talent Cloud™. Get precision matches from our expansive talent network. Onboard quickly. And keep your projects moving.

Acquire top global talent 66% faster and at 30-50% less cost


Post unlimited jobs and get AI-powered talent matches in seconds.


See only rigorously tested and certified talent matches.


Streamline hiring time consuming tasks like reviewing profiles, scheduling interviews, and leaving feedback.


Easily onboard, manage, and off board talent with full transparency into your team.


Manage all aspects of global payouts, including foreign exchange (FX), compliance, and reporting.

Hire faster with higher quality –– and less risk

Talent Decision Engine™

Get AI-powered matches

The Talent Decision Engine uses powerful AI algorithms trained with thousands of data points including verified skill sets and project experience to find the best matches for the job.

Andela Qualify

Hire with confidence

You are matched with certified talent who have passed our rigorous assessment process. Technical skills are validated by Andela Qualify, the world's leading developer assessment tool. Our experienced screeners conduct live interviews to confirm English fluency, technical proficiency, and assess work styles.

Andela Pay

Leave payouts and compliance to us

Andela Pay manages all aspects of global payout for contractors, including FX, compliance, and reporting. We take on the overhead of managing global contractors to make your life easier and reduce internal risk.

People and technology working together

Get hundreds of matches in seconds with the Andela Talent Cloud, and get curated suggestions from our Andela hiring experts. People and technology work together to ensure your success.

Your teams will love Andela Talent Cloud

The platform helps hiring managers source and maintain a global workforce easily, at a far lower cost.

Expand your hiring pool

Access diverse, global talent from untapped markets — 60% of our private network is sourced from emerging talent markets in Africa and Latin America.

Identify and hire the best

Powerful AI matching algorithms help you find, qualify, hire, and onboard the right people. All 66% faster than traditional internal recruiting. Talent profiles and technical assessments help ensure excellent hiring decisions.

Pay less for better performance

Source, qualify, and onboard skilled technologists at 30–50% lower costs than typical recruiting efforts.


Get matches in seconds by synching your VMS or ATS

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