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Jun 25, 2024

Meet the Humans of Andela

Eliza Power

Andela was founded in 2014 on a simple premise: that brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. We believe that no matter where they are or what barriers they face, brilliant people and companies who believe in a better way can find each other, improve together, and build amazing things for the world.

Over the past ten years, Andela technologists have helped to transform the tech industry, through both their work for global organizations, and their own innovation, entrepreneurship, passion, and drive.

But technology is only half of the story. Our community consists of parents, teachers, carers, mentors, writers, artists, and musicians, making positive contributions to their families and society.  

Changing the way the world works starts with the people who change it. Humans of Andela looks behind the code, to shine a spotlight on our community through a series of intimate video and written profiles released every month.  

Launching today, Humans of Andela is more than a series of stories; it’s a testament to the power of opportunity and the global impact of nurturing tech talent. 

Empowering Communities:  

Andela technologists are uplifting lives of those around them, tutoring young talent in marginalized regions and supporting the next generation of tech leaders. 

Building Futures:

From overcoming tragic circumstances, to building homes for their parents, our community members are creating lasting legacies. 

Changing The Face of Technology:  

Andela’s innovators bring their expertise and skills to every role, helping to transform the tech landscape. 

Meet the Humans of Andela. These are their stories.

Annie Msafiri, Nairobi

Annie Msafiri, a Lead QA Engineer, isn't just creating a future for her children through her work; she’s built the first home for her elderly parents. 

Luis Ramilo, Buenos Aires

Luis, a Project Manager, combined his love for radio and technology to launch one of the first internet radio stations in Argentina.  

Femi Oni, Abuja

Femi is a husband, father and software engineer. He is a proud Andela Community Champion, helping to support and mentor young technologists.  

Bridget Mendoza, Kampala

A technical innovator, Bridget has developed solutions to benefit society, including female healthcare apps, and has mentored female engineers at Andela boot camps.

Read Bridget's story

Chesvic Hillary, Lagos

Chesvic began his tech career after encouragement from his first boss. An experienced tutor and writer, his work is regularly published in tech blogs and journals. 

Read Chesvic's story

Annabel Castro, Rio de Janeiro

A specialist in 3G technology, Anna has won 14 awards, including Google's Brazil Women in Technology Award, and has worked as a professor at INFNET.  

Read Annabel's story

More profiles coming soon! Discover more about Humans of Andela here.

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