Nasdaq: Andela’s CEO on simplifying global talent acquisition

Nasdaq, a renowned financial and technology media outlet, teamed up with #CloudNY to conduct an insightful interview with Andela’s CEO Jeremy Johnson. During the interview, Jeremy shed light on how Andela, a global talent cloud for enterprise companies, is simplifying the process of hiring top-tier engineers from across the globe. 

In an era of rapid technological advancement, finding engineering talent can be a daunting task for companies worldwide. However, at Andela, we’re changing the game with new, innovative approaches to sourcing and connecting skilled talent around the world. 

As CEO Jeremy Johnson puts it: “We’re a global talent cloud that makes it easy for [companies] to find and work with the right talent, at the right time, without having to sacrifice quality. We also make it easy to reduce your overall cost without reducing throughput of your engineering work.” 

Andela stands out from the crowd by using a data-driven approach to help companies see the probability of success of the team or engineer in your company. 

“What matters is understanding the skill set in relation to the company and the Qualified acquisition enables us to really connect the dots there and in a data-driven way show that this person is going to be successful in your company.” 

Andela recently acquired Qualified, and sister company Codewars. Qualified is the highest rated technical assessment company in the world. Codewars is the largest technical assessment community of engineers and technologists. With over 4 million engineers around the world, this acquisition reaches and represents 15% of all engineers worldwide and accelerates Andela’s ability to predictively match talent to companies on our platform. 

“Ten years from now, everyone is going to think this way. Everyone is going to think that talent is a global marketplace where they work with the best person for the best role.”

As companies continue to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape, Andela’s talent network becomes a valuable resource for businesses seeking to hire top-tier engineers globally. By breaking down geographical barriers and championing diversity, Andela is shaping the future of work, empowering individuals, and fueling innovation on a global scale.

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