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How Andela's all-female learning program in Lagos is still transforming careers ten years on

In 2014, we launched an all-female cohort in Lagos, Nigeria, to train women in software engineering and development. We spoke to three of the trailblazing women from cohort 4 to find out how the program still inspires their technology careers 10 years later.

IWD: How women at Andela are inspiring inclusion across the tech industry

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #inspireinclusion. We asked some of our female Andelans to offer their expertise and unique perspectives on inclusion, their personal successes, and how they intend to encourage more women to join the tech industry over the next 10 years.

What AIs work best together and how

Unlock the synergy of GenAI systems with our infographic guide on which AIs complement each other, their applications, and what combinations to avoid.

How to fortify your cybersecurity defences for the remote workplace

In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member Stephen Henry discusses why, with a revolving door of malware and threat actors appearing, it is essential for all remote workers and organizations to secure their defences!

The benefits and challenges of hiring a remote IT team

Not only are IT hires critical to business success, they’re also the most in-demand, making finding the right fit a top priority — and a big challenge. Learn how to efficiently access skilled and diverse talent.

Writer's Room: 5 tips for technical writing

Are you a technologist craving to share your work with the world? Then turn your technical project into a blog with our 5 top tips for technical writing.

Asynchronous and synchronous communication in the remote workplace

While synchronous collaboration was the preferred method for many global organizations, remote work has increased the popularity of asynchronous communication. But which is more beneficial, both to employees, and to business?

Navigating the tech landscape: Andela’s predictions for 2024

What will the tech industry look like in 2024? Read our predictions on how work structures, African tech talent, human-GenAI collaboration, and diversity and inclusion will shape the future of technology and your team.

The million-dollar challenge: 5 soft skills for virtual meeting success!

As a remote worker, it takes skill and expertise to successfully navigate online collaboration. In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member Chesvic Hillary details the 5 key soft skills he applies in virtual meetings, and how they helped his team to win a million dollar contract.

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