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Annie Msafiri, Nairobi

Annie Msafiri
“I take great pride in being my mum's daughter. She pushed me to put education first, making sure I'm very good at what I do.”

Meet Annie; this is her story.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Annie’s ambition to build her tech career was sparked by her mother, who encouraged her to find a job that brought her joy and improved her quality of life.  

From humble beginnings, she excelled at technology, eventually moving into QA engineering. Passionate about testing new products for clients, Annie even contributes her skills to open-source projects, helping the wider tech community to test and assess their platforms, websites, and apps.

Proud to be her mother’s daughter, Annie is focused on creating a better life for her family. She has helped to ease her parent’s financial burden by building their first home in Mombasa. Witnessing her parents’ joy at owning their own home, Annie wants to instill the same values in her three young children, encouraging them to find a career they love, and to share their success with their family.

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