Humans of Andela

Femi Oni, Abuja

Femi Oni
“What inspires me the most as a community champion is the progress I see. Young engineers making new engineers. I see myself in them.” 

Meet Femi Oni; this is his story.

Femi lives with his wife and daughters in Abuja, Nigeria. As a self-taught technologist, Femi is constantly researching and learning new technologies. But part of Femi’s quest for knowledge is his passion for sharing his discoveries with the wider tech community.

As a highly respected Community Champion, Femi supports Andela community members around the world, offering guidance and advice as they grow their careers. He organizes meetups and dinners for the local Andela community, to encourage members to connect and learn from each other. A seasoned technologist, Femi has contributed to tech journals, React libraries, and other tech publications throughout his career, showcasing his talent and innovation to the tech industry.

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