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Nov 4, 2022

Andela named one of the Best Companies for Remote Workers in 2022

At Andela, we recognise that our strength lies in the people who drive our mission, and we want our team members to be healthy, motivated, and productive.
Our recent position on Quartz’s list of Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022 has been a great cause for celebration amongst Andelans all around the world. We believe it is a reflection of our unique E.P.I.C. culture and a true testament to our mission of reshaping the future of work, by connecting brilliance with opportunity.

Here are just a few of the many things that keep Andelans happy every day and helped us make the list:

1. Staff Recognition
We hire the most brilliant people in the world and want them to know their contributions matter. We are committed to growing an organic culture of recognition and that includes celebrating tenure milestones (otherwise known as Andelaversaries!), enabling manager and peer-to-peer recognition, rewarding exceptional impact with substantial awards, and spotlighting the many success stories of our Andelans around the world.

2. Time Off to Recharge
In addition to official paid holidays, we offer a variety of time-off options that allow our people the opportunity to take time off to rest and recharge when they need to. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Annual leave – Andelans are always encouraged to prioritize a balanced life, taking time away from work when needed to recharge, explore different passions and see through different lenses, or just hang out and have fun with friends and family.
• Parental leave – time to do whatever enables them to welcome the newest member of their family.
• Sick leave – the freedom to focus on their or their loved ones’ health and well-being.
• Compassionate leave – when  losing a family member, the opportunity to be fully present during a time that matters.

3. Flexible Working Hours
We are a fully remote team of 450 unique individuals from 30+ countries, who work together united by the passion for innovating and improving the world of modern working. For us, being a remote company means that no matter where we live in the world, we always have the flexibility to pursue our professional dreams. Everyone on the team has the freedom and support that they need to grow their careers, whilst being empowered to prioritise personal wellbeing and work-life balance. Our remote work model features norms and practices that ensure Andelans can live and breathe the remote lifestyle effortlessly, with a focus on flexible working hours and team collaboration that enables everyone to bring their best foot forward.

4. Notable Perks
At Andela, we strongly believe the value of our jobs goes beyond the salary we receive, which is why we provide a wider range of equitable, competitive and inclusive benefits as part of our ever-growing compensation and rewards
philosophy – this includes:

• A truly competitive salary
• Stock options
• Laptop allowance
• Remote work set-up allowance
• Utility allowance (in specific geos)
• Performance bonuses (for eligible roles)
• Periodic compensation reviews

5. Getting trained
We always look to invest in initiatives that enable our diverse teams to thrive and achieve their maximum potential, which is why we’ve introduced:

• Clearly defined performance and career pathing frameworks
• Annual performance and talent reviews to help us upskill and promote accordingly
• Growth-at-work ecosystem supported by individual and team learning opportunities
• Leadership trainings
• Communication trainings (including how to identify and avoid unconscious bias)
• Career Compass trainings to support our career path framework
• Career Breakthrough Series – a dedicated training series featuring external speakers, focused on career growth, personal brand and continuous learning and development.

6. Wellness
We champion real excellence, from real people around the world, so we want to ensure Andelans stay healthy, motivated, and productive – no matter where they’re based. Our employee-centric wellness benefits enable physical and mental wellbeing. Here are a few:

• Curated social events & platforms to drive connections
• DEI programs including Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
• Quarterly wellness stipend – we’ve partnered with Forma, a platform that allows Andelans to use their quarterly wellness allowance on items of their choice, like gym memberships, sports gear, meditation app subscriptions, etc.
• Forma app subscription for all Andelans
• Modern Health subscription – this is a mental health platform with access for all Andelans and their household members, that enables them to receive comprehensive care based on their mental health needs and a custom plan that focuses on emotional, professional, social, physical, and financial health.

These are just a few reasons why Andelans love working here – and it’s what got us in the top 10 Best Companies for Remote Workers in 2022, according to Quartz.
But don’t take our word for it, learn more about what makes Andela E.P.I.C. from our brilliant colleagues around the world:

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