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Telehealth Company Medici Delivers Timely Product Upgrades With Top Global Engineering Talent from Andela

NEW YORK, Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Andela, the global talent network that helps companies build remote engineering teams, today announced that telehealth company, Medici, was able to solve critical issues and boost server-side code, mobile applications, web applications, and testing by integrating Andela engineers. Medici started with three Andela engineers, soon scaling up to nine after the original team solved critical performance issues with an innovative approach. Specifically, the team helped quickly resolve issues and developed mobile-friendly features for a newly acquired product that was in high demand with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and is integrated into the team that has overhauled the core platform and is developing new features for telehealth appointments and communication.

“With other contracting models I’ve worked with, there just wasn’t the ownership or commitment to excellence. Andela engineers are full-time teammates. We treat them like employees, and they own our product and culture like employees. They’re awesome,” said Raleigh Schickel, Engineering Director at Medici.

Medici, based in Austin, Texas, was facing a problem that many other companies are struggling with. The immense local competition for engineers was both driving up costs and time required to find top talent. Medici needed engineers who were passionate about their craft and
about Medici’s value proposition. Within two weeks, this request was met with the help of Andela.

Andela’s engineers have helped in several key improvements to Medici’s platform with a much faster timeline:

  • Server-side code development on critical telehealth features
  • Platform overhaul, building a Kubernetes-based ephemeral infrastructure from scratch
  • Fix code issues with newly acquired product, developed mobile friendliness

“Medici was in the position to see significant increases in demand for their telehealth products in 2020, but they needed more experienced engineers on their team to quickly get their products where they needed to be and also deliver new features,” said Wambui Kinya, VP Partner Engineering at Andela. “Medici’s approach to integrate Andela’s engineers into their team really paid off, and we’re thrilled with the productivity that’s resulted from the partnership.”

About Andela
Andela is a global talent network that connects companies with vetted, remote engineers in emerging markets. Hundreds of leading companies like GitHub, Cloudflare, and ViacomCBS leverage Andela to scale their engineering teams quickly and cost effectively. A distributed organization spanning four continents, Andela is backed by investors including Generation Investment Management, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Spark Capital, and Google Ventures.

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