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Whether you’re a rapidly scaling organization, a technical recruiter, or a coding bootcamp, Qualified provides the infrastructure you need to identify high impact software developers.

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Qualified by Andela

A powerful and fully adaptable  approach to delivering coding assessments

Automated Scoring

Your technologists should be pushing code into production, not spending hours reviewing coding assessments. Our automated code scoring tools do the heavy lifting for you by quickly answering the question “Can they do the work?”

Pair-programming Interviews

Hiring developers is tough enough, but even more challenging for distributed teams. Easily turn any coding assessment into a pair-programming session so they can talk yourteam through the code they’ve written.

Code Playback

Forget about watching a developer write code during a technical interview then writing up your feedback afterwards. Our code playback tools allow you to replay any segment of a coding assessment revealing insights into each developer’s thought process and problem solving ability.

Build your own project based coding challenges

Not looking to use a pre-built assessment? We got you covered. Our challenge authoring suite allows you to build your own assessments, from small scale to project scale, all without having to leave our interface.

Are you currently using a homegrown coding activity that you love? Send it our way—we’ll recreate your coding project so that it can be delivered and scored at scale. Your development team will thank you!

Choose from our library of standardized assessments

Use our standardized assessments to better understand strengths and weaknesses. All of our assessments have been professionally built and are designed to assess real world skills that map to your open roles.

Detailed benchmarking statistics make it easy to understand the relative difficulty of each assessment, giving you insights into how each developer stacks up against other software engineers worldwide.

Generate detailed developer profiles

Generate a detailed profile of language and framework specific competencies, soft skills, and working style. Understanding the unique skill set and working style of each candidate is the first step in building a hiring process that’s truly predictive of on-the-job performance.

Optimize and evolve for future growth and innovation

Extend legacy system capabilities with low code, AI, and cloud-native development to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, increase data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms and improve process flexibility.

Understand your team's
strengths and weaknesses

Break down the performance of candidates to see how they compare to your team or all other developers on the Qualified platform. Understand how effective each coding and Q&A challenge is at each stage in your assessment process.

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Ensure original work

Risk detection compares similar solutions to flag potentiallyplagiarized code, ensuring that submitted code represents original work.

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Blind Reviews

Blind reviews help build a more diverse team byremoving identifying information from code submissions. Identify talent based on merit and demonstrated skills, not a shiny resume.

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