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Oct 16, 2023

Introducing Andela Talent Cloud

Ashley Rendall
4 minutes

According to Gartner, the rate of hiring borderless technology staff doubled in the last three years. Increasing retention and hiring is now the number 3 priority for CEOs in 2023. Leading companies are transforming their workforce strategy, seeking innovative ways to fill capacity and skills gaps on their teams. 

Andela was founded on the premise that brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. That core belief inspired us to build the world’s largest, private marketplace for skilled technical talent. With the rise of remote work, our global community of technologists has grown to more than 150,000 amazing humans in 175 countries. 

The chance to tap into new talent pools, especially in markets like Africa and Latin America is compelling. But the process to find, hire and pay global talent is daunting – and often fraught with operational complexity (legal, compliance, currency exchange and more). 

Today, Andela is thrilled to unveil our new technology solution: Andela Talent Cloud. The same technology used by our teams to match the best talent with compelling companies and projects is now available for general use – with some exciting new additions. 

The platform is an all-in-one, AI-driven solution that streamlines the complete hiring lifecycle, helping companies source, qualify, hire, manage, and pay global technical talent in one integrated platform. The entire hiring process can take as little as 48 hours and be 30%-50% more cost efficient. 

Hiring managers gain complete transparency of talent profiles and skills assessment results, enabling informed and secure hiring decisions. The solution helps organizations to scale quickly with a highly elastic resource pool and flexible hiring options to find the right talent for the right role at the right speed and cost. 

As Andela Founder and CEO Jeremy Johnson states, “With Andela Talent Cloud, talented technologists are no longer constrained by their geography, and can improve their quality of life by finding careers commensurate with their abilities. Organizations can focus on building the future of work by harnessing a world of remote talent. When we connect brilliance with opportunity, everyone wins.” 

How the platform works

Andela Talent Cloud is powered by our proprietary Talent Decision Engine™, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze thousands of hiring data points from across the hiring lifecycle, from skills and experience to geography and language proficiency. With each interaction it gets smarter as it qualifies and matches the ideal talent to the job.


Andela runs the world’s largest private marketplace of skilled, on-demand talent. With the acquisition of Codewars in early 2023, the total global community of technologies is 4.4M strong. Simply create the job, specifying the desired skills and attributes, and browse qualified candidates in moments.   


With the acquisition of Qualified in March 2023, Andela has now integrated the world’s top-ranked developer assessment tool into Andela Talent Cloud. It uses real-world work simulations to predict on-the-job performance and offers skills-based proof that the technologist can problem solve, make technically knowledgeable decisions, and has the requisite hard and soft skills to fit the role and company culture. Fraud detection features include webcam capture, interact session, code playback, code similarity, AI insights and tab monitoring. Qualify helps technology leaders hire with confidence, reducing risk and minimizing bias and subjectivity from the matching process.


Use rich talent profiles including assessment results and insights on past performance to narrow your candidate pool.  Simple tooling makes interview scheduling and feedback easy. Once you’ve found your perfect match, Andela handles background checks, offers, compliance and ensures your hire is set up for success.


Provide recognition and feedback for your team, all on one centralized view.  Your team has the tools they need to get the job done, too - from job-specific tasks like requesting time off to upskilling opportunities like career development and mentoring.

Our hybrid support model means we also take care of performance management and offer access to experts like technical project managers who help ensure your project is a success.


Pay completes the lifecycle providing a seamless approach to managing all aspects of global payouts, currency exchange, and compliance for the selected talent across geographies. This fully integrated approach removes all of the administrative overhead associated with managing global talent, allowing enterprises to reduce costs and mitigate security risk.

Andela Connect

Streamline hiring with integrations to popular Application Tracking (ATS) and Vendor Management Systems (VMS), like Greenhouse, Beeline and Fieldglass. These integrations allow clients to link job postings on their website or LinkedIn to instantly connect to Andela Talent Cloud to begin the matching process within the Andela Talent Marketplace. 

Rewrite workforce strategies

Only Andela offers access to the world’s largest, private marketplace for skilled technical talent – and a unified platform that makes global hiring fast and easy. This combination has helped us serve more than 600 clients with a 96% engagement success rate. 

  • Private Talent Marketplace - Our marketplace is 150K strong, in over 175 countries, including regions like Africa and Latin America with high-overlap time zones. 
  • Andela Learning Community - Andela cultivates future-ready talent through long-term investments in upskilling and reskilling partnerships and programs with in-demand, online courses from industry leaders like Meta and Google. 
  • Proprietary technology - Andela Talent Cloud includes proprietary technology such as Talent Decision EngineTM, Andela Qualify, Andela Pay. 
  • Flexible engagement models - hire individuals or insert a ready-to-go team to accelerate progress. Or, Andela can manage the project for you, with turnkey deliverables and managed services. 

A new way to build tech teams

Andela helps companies future-proof their global talent strategy with a new approach to building technology teams that is: 

  1. Intelligent: Powerful AI-matching algorithms learn from thousands of touch points in the hiring journey to pinpoint the best talent for the roles and skills required.
  2. Elastic: Offers more flexibility in lean times and rapid scaling capabilities in periods of heavy investment. Dial up or down quickly and easily as business conditions change.
  3. Borderless: Today, the market is global, and location is fluid. Market leaders gain competitive advantage by tapping into new talent pools in emerging geographies.
  4. Resilient: Agile network of technologists who are flexible, adaptable, and continually upskilling. Strengthen teams with greater diversity of perspective. 

Andela provides businesses with a dynamic approach to augment and enhance their technical capabilities. Through the model, companies gain the flexibility and resources needed to thrive in today’s tech-driven landscape. Hire individuals, teams, or engage fully managed teams.

 “Ten years from now, everyone will work this way. It will be the norm to use talent from a global marketplace where it’s simply a given that they work with the best person for the role, regardless of race, gender or location.” - Jeremy Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO. 

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