This is Andela
Aug 2, 2023

This is Andela: A quick introduction

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When we connect brilliance with opportunity everyone wins. We exist to unlock human potential and build better tech teams. We help companies future-proof their global tech talent strategy with a unified intelligent talent cloud that integrates AI, and a diverse, global private talent marketplace, for building remote-fluent teams.

It’s nice to meet you. Andela has built the world's preeminent talent marketplace with a unified platform to make it possible for you to quickly and easily hire skilled technical talent from more than 175 countries. 

Unlike other approaches to hiring such as in-house recruiting, consulting firms and outsourcing - the Andela Talent Cloud delivers our clients greater speed, flexibility, performance and trust. Plus, its an integrated end-to-end platform to manage the entire talent lifecycle: source, qualify, hire, manage, and pay global technical talent. That’s right, you don’t have to deal with tedious searching, payroll, and compliance.

We’re working to enable enterprises to build the tech teams of the future…now. 

Once, we conducted all-day in person interviews to hire talent. Now we use Zoom to interview virtually and effectively. We used physical job boards to revolutionize recruitment, now we socialize across digital platforms to cast a wider net. And where we once relied on our network to connect us to qualified talent, now hiring global remote talent is a competitive advantage. The evolution of hiring global remote talent has been enabled by new technologies and heralded a new way to solve a known problem of the limited talent pool. The potential for hiring the right talent for the job at the right time is now possible and will become the model for the future. 

With the advancement of the intelligent talent cloud, talented technologists are no longer constrained by their geography, and can improve quality of life by finding careers commensurate with their abilities. Organizations can focus on building the future of work by harnessing a world of remote talent, all at the touch of a button. 

This allows a highly elastic approach with more flexibility in lean times and rapid scaling capabilities through periods of heavy investment. 

Powerful AI-matching algorithms learn from hundreds of touch points in the hiring journey to pinpoint the best engineers up to 70% faster at 30 to 50% less cost than other hiring approaches. 

Andela also caters to specialized disciplines such as Application Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Cloud, Data & Analytics, Product & Design, with over 30 specific use cases. We support various delivery models, from project-based work to managed services, where we assemble and manage a dedicated team to deliver an outcome. 

92% of clients are satisfied with Andela talent quality. 

Our learning community is committed to advancing Andela’s mission by cultivating all levels of talent through long-term investments in upskilling and reskilling partnerships and programs, ultimately fostering a sustainable, thriving tech ecosystem.

Andela has accelerated learning experiences for over 100,000 technologists, partnering with market leaders like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Udacity, Open Classrooms, and Pluralsight to provide exclusive upskill and advancement opportunities.

To top it all off, the recent acquisition of Qualified makes Andela Qualify the only performance-based platform that uses real-world work simulations to predict on-the-job performance. It excels in assessing fit across technical coding abilities and incorporates evaluations across soft skills, culture/personality, interest, timeline, rate, seniority, and time zone/locale so you can hire with confidence.

The days of costly, time consuming, and in-adequate hiring are over. It's time to build the tech team of the

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