Adaptive Hiring Lets You Put Every Project on the Front Burner

There are more than 150,000 highly skilled, certified tech professionals on our roster. Most in largely untapped markets. Ready to be placed quickly and effectively.

Top-rated, highly skilled global talent pool
Cost savings per talent hired through Andela
Faster time to hire
Faster project delivery

Hire anywhere. Deliver everywhere.

Find the right talent and increase productivity when you prioritize skill and experience over location.

Andela talent is rigorously qualified and certified, assessed by fully transparent code tests, and identified by our proprietary AI-powered Talent Decision Engine™.

Make work happen fast.

Get the resources you need, when you need them. Onboard easily. Reduce backlog. Quickly generate proof of concepts. Accelerate time to results.

Change as quickly as your priorities do.

Scale up or down as your business needs change. Add or reduce workforce on demand. Easily adapt as project and business needs evolve.

Leave the groundwork to us.

Andela simplifies the complexity of global hiring by ensuring you meet only qualified, accredited, and certified talent. Be free of all compliance, legal, and payouts, while getting all the support you need from expert hiring managers.

Work the way that works for you.

Hire for specific roles, to fill skill gaps, or get projects delivered on time. Embed talent in your teams or identify a turnkey project that we deliver and manage for you.

Work the way that
works for you

Andela’s Adaptive Hiring approach offers a flexible engagement model that lets you create and manage teams in any configuration.

Hire Individuals

Fill a critical gap or place a highly skilled problem solver. Have someone cover maternity leave. Or put a full-time, project-driven technologist in place.

Create Managed Projects

We ensure on time, on budget delivery for the most demanding projects, like custom application development and AI rapid prototyping.

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Here's our proof

Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and found Andela delivers 97% ROI, $80K in cost savings per talent hired, 33% faster project delivery, 66% faster time to hire, and we’re just getting started.

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Harness the power of people + AI

Andela Talent Cloud automates and streamlines the complete global hiring lifecycle. The Talent Decision Engine uses proprietary AI matching algorithms to identify best-fit candidates at speed and scale. Expert technical hiring managers, and talent and client success partners support the entire process to ensure a seamless experience.

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